Diamondg Rotary Nail Grinder "Big Casey"

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Bringing your pet nail care to a whole new level with our brand new Diamondg Enhanced rotary nail bit!! This design actually screws over your Dremel’s* threaded shaft after you remove the chuck and has a polished smooth body that virtually eliminates long paw hair from getting caught in the tool while in use. Perfect for inexperienced home users as well as high volume groomers. These bits won’t wear out or overheat. Our custom Diamondg Rotary pet nail grinder tool bits have a proprietary channel that not only grinds the bottom of the nails but the sides as well for a smooth and painless finish. Once you have removed the amount of nail you desire, the one-of-a-kind Proprietary Polishing Bowl polishes it off with a finer 120 grit. This is the last pet nail grinder bit you’ll ever need!

"Big Casey" is for dogs 30lb and over
Available with OR without wooden box.
  • Best for Long-Hair Dogs
  • Big Casey Bit Has A 60 Grit Body And 120 Grit Proprietary Polishing Bowl
  • Steel Construction Helps To Alleviate Nails From Heating Up Compared To Conventional Paper Drums
  • Easy To Clean Nail Dust With Tooth Brush And Soapy Water
  • Lifetime Warranty

*Guaranteed to fit Dremel brand rotary tools.  May not fit on other brands’ rotary tools. **Dremel not included